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Release: March 31, 2017
Cast: Taapsee Pannu and Manoj Bajpayee 
Director: Shivam Nair

An announcement should have been made this April Fool’s day that after 2013’s Special 26, Akshay Kumar has finally associated himself with a good and purposef ul movie and that his name or face will never be used just to make a quick buck

Right from the first sequence and the opening scene of this movie one can sense that you are in for a movie which will have you are spending a good many precious minutes of your Life cringing in your seat and wishing that you were instead at your local pub discussing the dinner menu of that old punter’s grandson’s engagement ceremony. Enterthe Indian secret agent in Vienna who isfollowing Mikhail, the most feared and perhaps the most notorious criminal of South Asia, wearing runningshoes that make the noise of high-heels. There you are, the movie beginswhen you say ”For God’s Sake”. This offensive-attempt-at-filmmaking is a prequel to Baby (2015)and tells a needless tale about howShabana Khan (Thapsee PannO joined thesecret service as an agent.

An ILL contrived B-Corn lecture sequence brings in ha bana’s Love interest jai (Taller ShabbirMithaiwala). A better actor for ‘s character might just have created some interest in the first half, Taher should begrateful he has reached this far in his career and should stay on the television screen. After a dinner date for jai’s birthday celebration an eve teasing episode turns nasty when Jai gets killed, the law doesn’t help Sha bane find the killers for three months. Ranveer Singh (Manoj Bajpayee) contacts her to join the secret service and in return they will help her find jars killers. They help her take revenge in Goa where Ajay Singh (Akshay Kumar) appears in the hotel room breaking a six feet glass window while the guysstanding outside the room don’t hear a thing?Ill Which hotel rooms have a fire exit from within the room? Our film makers love to stretch reality beyond the point of make-believe to plug any holes in their own imagination. So far scrawny and insipid dialogues woven into an even weedier screenplay and one is really expecting something clever from Neeraj Pandey’s pen. INTERMISSION Post interval, she joins the agency and gets trained for field missions. Off to Kuala Lumpur, where team BABY agents are discussing that if MikhaiL is reached using Tony (Prithviraj Sukumaran) and eliminated, this will be the biggest operation of Last 10 years of alt the worlds agencies. So, what about Bin laden? Ace criminal Tony is quite naive and amateur to stay unguarded and get caught by rather chubby looking Indian agents who with their fatty midriffs doing a samba on the run tum the sequence into an ad for joining the nearest gym pronto! Tony is Mikhail after a “cosmagic”(readrosmetic)surgery. He escapes kiLLi ng the fat agents and quickly arranges another round of plastic surgery, this having-a-new-face gives a great idea to all the existing criminals who haven’t watched Broken Arrow. Now Ajay and Shabana must find Malik who is Tony aka Mikhail’s right hand and a seriously bad actor with 10 untrained security men.

Malik and Ajay exchange punches to drag the scene, we know what is coming next, Ajay win. In the hospital Shabana takes down two clowns and enters the operation theatre and another hand to hand combat scene. Suddenly a stroke of luck as director got bored, Akshay beats eight armed guards within 30 seconds to come and save Sha bane but she has managed to kill Tony. Result is panic — six or eight Malaysian police officers need serious training, well they couldn’t afford more for the climax, this is where you say: “Thank God”. The director Shivam Nair didn’t have any great films in his bag and he will have to wait a little longer to offer the audience a better cinematic experience. Rochak Kohli as a music director didn’t have to work hard as the song Zinda Hoon Abhi sound ed a lot like another song and Zubi Zubi was a remix of another popuLarsong anyway, hence his original song Rozana, which was rather good, loses its credibility. It feels like thescript of Naam Shabana was perhaps contrived from a sub-plot or an unworthy deleted scene from Baby (2015). Taapsee’s presence and versatility at least gets this one, yes one star out of five. Let’s see what SARKAR 3 brings to the screen and how good Begum Jaen is in April.

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