A Splash of colour makes everything a little better


Anthony Greenidge,

director at EMS, welcomes brands that feature more British people of colour on their marketing material


Please forgive me… but I have a dream brothers and sisters, I have a dream! That one day little black boys and little brown girls will be able to pack their bags and leave the shores of this great white country.
Wait… What!!
No not the wonderful words of the ‘I have a dream’ speech by the great Martin Luther King, words that still resonate not only with many a black person in America today but with fair-minded people of all creeds and colours across the world.
The truth of the matter is I found these words in a prayer on a segregationist website, an actual prayer for those that want division.
A site that was created for those that hark after having a country with no immigrants or migrants, a place where Johnny Foreigner does not reside. Obviously, it made me chuckle in a brief moment of dark humour.
But it got me thinking, what would happen if such a prayer (as mad as it may seem to some) were to be granted. We are all becoming increasingly aware of the fact that some
people (a very loud minority) in Britain do want this, these people do exist and they are no longer ashamed of their views, feeling especially emboldened by the dramatic result of the EU Referendum last year.

With many buoyed on by the rhetoric from the current government that seems all too ready to pander to the narrative of hatred; many feeling enthused to the point where they feel free to verbally and physically attack people who appear to be
foreigners in the street. The massive increases in racially aggravated hate crimes that

seem to be fuelled by the lies and hate stories appearing across our media, all reinforce the real fears of those currently living here that do not fit this new ugly future that Britain appears to be marching towards.
It is a time when many non-white, non-British people are beginning to question their place in this country and how they can stand together to ensure that the hatred and the negativity can be stopped before things get too bad.

The plain fact One of the best ways to do this is to expose the untruths through
the use of plain fact. What would Britain look like after an exodus of the black
and minority ethnic groups? What would the country look like if all non-white non-British citizens departed, took off, split?? Think about it. We are talking about almost 17 million people.

Breaking this down into very broad ethnic categories, that’s six million Asians, three million Afro Caribbeans, two million Europeans. Let’s not forget the mixed families, that would
be another 3-4 million, plus a 1-2 million others, Australians, Americans, (North and South). That’s approximately 25% of foreigners, a quarter of the country gone. I’m a no expert but I reckon a loss of that size would have more than a little impact.
A Splash of colour makes everything a little better It would probably feel a lot like British television back in the early 1970’s. No colour, amazingly offensive and desperate for
better times.

Flight of fancy I know it is a flight of fancy and will never happen but we are
living in dangerous times, when history could ever so easily repeat some of humanities horrors of the past. So much so, we now see many people from different walks of
life working together to ensure that Britain starts to appreciate the presence of foreigners and immigrants that are already here, rather than allow the narrative of negativity to escalate.

Yes, I accept the fact that the nation is leaving Europe and that Brexit means Brexit, but does Britain really want to sleep walk into ‘throwing the baby out with the bath water’ on a
tide of bigotry? 1 Day Without Us
In February a number of groups came together to highlight this concern, the idea being to remind the silent majority of all the different areas in which non-white, non-British people
contribute to the country.
The ‘1 Day Without Us’ movement encouraged various groups to take part in a day of action and awareness. A means to stimulate UK society to recognise and value the
working contributions made across all sectors of our society. From the health services, right across to local government, through education to international banking.
According to The Centre for Research in Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurship (CREME University of Birmingham) revenue generated by working ethnics and migrants runs into the billions.

Ultimately, the goal is to change the creeping destructive atmosphere that is enveloping us and to wake the silent majority up from their current malaise in what is becoming a struggle for the heart of our nation. While I respect the concept of ‘1 Day Without Us’, I think it is only capable of limited success. Anthony Greenidge, director at EMS, welcomes brands that feature more British people of colour on their marketing material What would Britain look like after an exodus of the black and minority ethnic groups?



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