NDTV 24×7 claims to lead the news race


NDTV 24×7 has claimed that it is now the biggest South Asian news channel in the UK, following the exit of ARY News. From the live coverage of the Westminster
attack, to covering the DAVOS World Economic Forum, to the Indian elections – NDTV 24×7 said it has successfully captured the pulse of the South Asian audience through its timely and accurate coverage.
Rohit Jaiswal, VP, Network Distribution & Affiliate sales, NDTV, said:

“NDTV has always strived to inform, rather than influence as a news channel ought to do and we are very thankful to our viewers, advertisers and partners in the UK who have helped us to rise to the top.”NDTV anchor Ravish Kumar won the inaugural Kuldip Nayyar
Award for Journalism in recognition of his outstanding journalism. He said:

“Newspapers and television channels have become branches of political parties. Anchors now wield more power in political parties than the general secretaries of these parties.
Until one fights these new political formations, alternative political ideas
cannot take shape. They have also managed to hegemonise the minds of people in such a manner that many now ask me why I question things. Those who throw ink are being appointed spokespersons and those who write with ink are only indulging in propaganda. Contemporary journalism is the contemporary propaganda.”


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